Our Testnet’s Phase 2 Is Now LIVE! Here's How To Participate & Earn $PARTI Points

Our Testnet’s Phase 2 Is Now LIVE! Here's How To Participate & Earn $PARTI Points

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Dear Particle community,

As our Mainnet launch approaches, we are glad to announce that we’ve entered Phase 2 of the Particle Network Testnet!

Phase 1 finished with a bang: over 1.3M users activated Universal Accounts in Particle Pioneer, completing more than 122M transactions in total. This outstanding participation has kept us motivated to introduce brand-new features and accelerate the deployment of our vision: one account and one balance, for any chain.

In this phase, now available on Particle Pioneer, you will be able to use your Universal Account to seamlessly send cross-chain transactions, as well as leverage Universal Liquidity to utilize your token balance across all chains. You will also continue to earn $PARTI points as in Testnet Phase 1, increasing your future rewards from Particle Network and bonuses on The People’s Launchpad.

This guide will walk you through the process of participating in this Testnet Phase —whether you’re an existing Phase 1 user or not— and showcase all the new features and experiences our Testnet has for you.

What’s in this Testnet Phase?

Testnet Phase 2 introduces Universal Liquidity, the technology enabling Universal Accounts to seamlessly interact with any dApp on any chain, as well as conduct cross-chain interactions. Universal Liquidity combines your balances across all chains, pooling together your funds and allowing you to have a single interaction point for all of them.

Your Universal Account now shows a single balance for each token, even when your assets are spread across multiple chains.

Universal Liquidity also enables another critical feature of Universal Accounts: Universal Gas. Universal Gas allows you to pay fees for interactions with any token –even multiple of them simultaneously–, automatically handling the underlying conversions and cross-chain bridging required for interacting with different chains. 

Thanks to Universal Gas, in any transaction with your Universal Account, you can select which token to use to pay transaction fees, with the system automatically suggesting the cheapest route by default.

Universal Gas user interface.

The above features make interacting with any dApp through Universal Accounts extremely easy. As a user, you only need to select your intended action (e.g. “Purchase NFT”), and let Universal Liquidity calculate the best way to execute it.

Let’s now jump right into the details of how to use the Testnet:

For newcomers: Signing up and creating a Universal Account 

If you already participated in Testnet Phase 1, you can skip right to the next section of this article.

However, if you’re a newcomer, we’ll gladly take you through an overview of the platform first.

The Particle Pioneer platform.

The navigation bar at the top lets you access different Particle Pioneer functionalities:

  • The “Points” page is a dashboard for your current $PARTI points and ranking. It contains an interface to initiate any of the available tasks, as well as the platform’s FAQ. 
  • “Booster” allows you to mint Particle Pioneer NFTs, which grant you bonuses within the platform and on The People’s Launchpad
  • The “Leaderboard” page shows the current top participants in Particle Pioneer.

The first step for you to participate is creating a Universal Account in Particle Pioneer. Here’s how to do it:

Important: The following is a short summary covering how to perform the tasks in Testnet Phase 1. However, this might entail several unfamiliar steps, so we recommend reading Phase 1’s in-depth guide.
  • Go to pioneer.particle.network
  • Go through a basic registration process and connect a wallet or social account to create a Universal Account. From now on, your connected wallet or social account will be your login into your Universal Account. Importantly, new users who connect wallets from select providers may be eligible for the Bonus Wallet (up to 150%) if they fulfill all the prerequisites. You can visualize and interact with your Universal Account by clicking the Particle Logo in the bottom right corner.
  • You can earn additional points by referring friends through your invite code.
  • Perform daily check-ins to register your participation in the Particle Pioneer program on consecutive days. Each check-in is worth 100 $PARTI points, which can increase as your check-in streak gets longer.
  • You can also deposit Universal Gas by converting gas tokens from various Testnets. You will receive 200 $PARTI points the first time you deposit Universal Gas.
  • You can also earn additional bonuses by holding exclusive tokens of The People’s Alliance, like $ALLY and CAPYBARA NFTs on your Owner Account. Your points can also award you a bonus on The People’s Launchpad. For more details about this, visit our original Phase 1 guide.

All the above tasks were available on Testnet Phase 1, and can be performed by interacting with the “Points” dashboard.

The “Points” dashboard, with a Universal Account open.

Now, let’s dive into the new features that just went live with Phase 2.

New tasks for Phase 2

Phase 2 introduces the following tasks for you to discover the advantages of Universal Accounts. Both of them are available on the Points dashboard.

Task #1: Cross-chain transactions


Cross-chain transactions with Universal Accounts, demonstrated.

This task enables you to experience Universal Liquidity and earn points by sending tokens across different chains. Each completed transaction provides you with 100 points, and can be performed up to 50 times per day.

To execute a cross-chain transaction, you will need Testnet tokens (USDC, USG, or ETH) on any chain on your Universal Account. The Universal Account interface (accessible through the bottom right corner) will display them within a single interface.

If you don’t yet have Testnet tokens, you can obtain them for free through public faucets. Within the application, you can find a list of reliable faucets, which you can access by clicking “How to get Testnet tokens?”.

Once you’ve got your hands on some Testnet tokens and deposited them into your Universal Account, sending a cross-chain transaction is simple:

  1. Click the “Open Wallet” button or the Particle Network logo on the bottom right corner to show your Universal Account.
  2. Click on the “Send” button. 
  3. Select which of your tokens (from the list of supported assets) you’d like to send.
  4. Enter the address to which you want to send the tokens. Make sure it’s an address on a chain different than the one your tokens are currently on.
  5. Select the destination network on the interface.
  6. Enter the amount you intend on sending, and click “Next”.
  7. A confirmation page will appear, showing you Universal Liquidity’s selected asset route.
  8. Select which token(s) to use to pay for transaction fees.
  9. Click “Send” to confirm the transaction.

Task #2: Purchase NFTs with Universal Liquidity


Purchasing NFTs with Universal Liquidity demonstrated.

To showcase how you can use Universal Accounts to access dApps on different chains using any asset, we’ve created a unique pathway for you. We’ve deployed a series of limited edition NFTs on the Optimism Sepolia Testnet, which you can purchase with Testnet assets from any chain. Within this path, you can leverage Universal Liquidity and Universal Gas, paying with any asset for the NFTs and gas fees.

To do it: 

  1. In the Points dashboard, scroll down to task 4 and click on the “Purchase NFT” button. This will lead you into the task’s own page.
  2. Click “Purchase” to initiate the process. Select which tokens to pay with and click “Next” once you’re done.
  3. You’ll be able to preview your selected options prior to confirming the transaction. Although the cheapest route will be automatically selected, in this screen you can optionally select which token to use for gas fees.
  4. Let Universal Liquidity and Universal Gas do the rest for you!


Testnet Phase 2 debuts unique features that, on their own, are a game-changer for Web3’s UX.

To participate as a new or existing user:

  • Access Particle Pioneer at pioneer.particle.network and create (or log into) a Universal Account via social, Web3, or Bitcoin wallet. Some wallets grant you up to a 150% additional bonus!
  • Obtain an invite code from our official channels. Then, connect your Twitter and Discord accounts and follow Particle Network to finish your registration.
  • Deposit native tokens (ETH, BNB, BTC, etc.) from different Testnets to obtain Universal Gas (USDG) that you can use for daily check-ins and to send cross-chain transactions.
  • Earn points by inviting friends, performing daily check-ins, and depositing Universal Gas.
  • Try out Universal Liquidity and Universal Gas by earning additional points for completing cross-chain transactions and purchasing NFTs with Universal Liquidity.
  • Earn bonuses by holding exclusive tokens of The People’s Alliance like $ALLY and CAPYBARA NFTs on your Owner Account. Your points can also award you a bonus on The People’s Launchpad.
  • Stay on the lookout, as additional tasks and bonuses will be added over time!

Universal Liquidity and Universal Gas, paying with any asset for.

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