Our Testnet Is Now LIVE! Here's How To Participate & Earn $PARTI Points

Our Testnet Is Now LIVE! Here's How To Participate & Earn $PARTI Points

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The Particle Network modular L1 is closer than ever.

As we advance with giant leaps towards our Mainnet –a release we hope will transform the experience of using Web3–, today marks the beginning of a new era for Particle Network with a huge milestone: Testnet Phase 1.

This Testnet features two key components of the Particle Network modular L1: Universal Accounts and Universal Gas. At this stage, this design allows you to use the same address for Smart Accounts on multiple EMV-compatible chains. It also features Universal Gas, requiring only a single asset deposit to send transactions seamlessly across all connected chains.

Along with the Testnet, we’re also rolling out the Particle Pioneer platform, where you can experience chain abstraction while earning $PARTI points. These points entitle you to rewards from Particle Network and other ecosystems, including The People’s Launchpad.

Let’s dive right into the details.

What’s in this Testnet?

This Testnet is the first release towards our vision of a modular L1 that acts as a settlement layer for the multi-chain ecosystem. It introduces Universal Accounts and Universal Gas, two key functionalities provided by Particle Network to facilitate a seamless Web3 experience.

Architecturally, we’re presenting a high-performance EVM execution environment that connects to the Testnets of mainstream external chains. This version of Universal Accounts supports both EVM and BTC wallets, and relies on its Universal Gas functionality to present the first chain abstraction features of the Particle Network L1. Within this module, users can deposit assets from several chains, converting them into Universal Gas, which they can use to send transactions on each of the supported networks.

As mentioned, to incentivize Testnet usage and reward users for joining us in our chain abstraction journey, we’re releasing a unique reward system based on $PARTI points.

Introducing $PARTI points and Particle Pioneer

You can get rewarded in $PARTI points for using our Testnet within our dedicated platform, Particle Pioneer. $PARTI points entitle you to participate in upcoming airdrops, earn bonuses on The People's Launchpad (don’t miss out on our upcoming activation!), and be whitelisted for various ecosystems. Within Particle Pioneer, you can also experience the full potential of Particle Network's chain abstraction while becoming an active member of a thriving community.

Here’s how you can begin accruing $PARTI points:

Interacting with the Testnet 

The step-by-step instructions for interacting with Particle Pioneer and our Testnet are as follows. Below them, a TL;DR summary is also included. To participate:

1/ Access Particle Pioneer at https://pioneer.particle.network. Upon clicking “JOIN NOW”, you’ll be prompted to connect via a social account, Web3 wallet, or native Bitcoin wallet. Connecting will generate a Universal Account for you, linked to whichever means of registration you selected. If you’re ever logged out, you can log back in using the same account.

2/ The platform will then ask you for an invite code, which you can obtain from a friend or any of Particle’s official channels (Discord, Twitter comments, etc.). We advise users not to follow links from strangers and manually type codes, as these are visible within any link. To finalize your account’s creation, connect your Twitter and Discord accounts and join Particle’s channels.

The connection process for Particle Pioneer.

3/ After connecting to Particle Pioneer, you’ll land on our main page. This will feature your Universal Account address (on the top right corner) and your Universal Gas balance. It will also showcase your Owner Address, the wallet that controls your Universal Account, as shown below.

Home page for Particle Pioneer, featuring a breakdown of a user’s Universal Account, Owner Address, and Universal Gas balance.
On this home page, you will find two buttons: “UNIVERSAL ACCOUNT” and “GET $PARTI POINTS.” These buttons lead to the two main panels within the platform. If you’re new to the portal, we advise you to first deposit Universal Gas by clicking the former button.

4/ Next, you need to deposit Universal Gas. To do this, deposit native tokens (ETH for EVM chains, BNB for BNB Chain, BTC for Bitcoin L2s, etc.) from any of the connected Testnets. Note that these Testnet assets hold no monetary value and you can obtain them for free from public Faucets, linked in the dashboard. You can also deposit Testnet assets through another wallet that you own (e.g. a MetaMask wallet) by selecting “Deposit through an External Wallet”.

The assets you receive will be automatically converted to USDG (Universal Gas), allowing you to pay gas for transactions on any chain. After this, you’ll be ready to transact and will have earned your first points.

Depositing assets to receive USDG.

5/ Now that you have Universal Gas, you can visit the Points page. This page features a dashboard with three different tasks you can conduct to earn points, and a way to receive exclusive boosts. As a quick breakdown, you can earn points by:

    1. Inviting your friends to participate in Particle Pioneer.
    2. Sending a quick transaction once a day as a daily check-in.
    3. Depositing Universal Gas.
    4. Using Universal Gas to transact (up to 100 times a day).
As an important note, Particle Network will continue to release new tasks and activities within this Testnet, allowing users to farm additional $PARTI points.

You will also be able to earn bonuses by holding exclusive NFTs, which will be covered below:

$PARTI points dashboard (part 1).
$PARTI points dashboard (part 2).

Let’s now break down the process of fulfilling each of the four tasks above.

6/ To refer friends, simply use the invite code shown next to “YOUR INVITE CODE” and request them to use it upon landing on the platform.

7/ For your daily check-in, just click the button in the relevant panel to send a transaction. This will require confirmation and spending Universal Gas.

8/ To use Universal Gas to transact, open your Wallet (either by clicking “OPEN WALLET” or the Particle symbol at the bottom right corner of the app) and begin sending transactions. Select the asset you want to send, enter an address, and click “Send.” The application will then prompt you to spend your USDG as gas —even if you don’t hold any gas tokens in the chain you intend to use. Select this option, and click “Send” again.

Sending assets with Universal Gas requires a single deposit from any chain and doesn’t require holding gas tokens on the chain you intend to use. Any transactions you send should be automatically reflected on your Transactions balance. You can view them by clicking “VIEW TRANSACTIONS”.

9/ To earn boosts, go to the “Booster” page. Within it, you’ll see a variety of NFTs, each with its own minting criteria and offering a distinct bonus. There are three types of bonuses:

    1. Bonuses for holding $ALLY. $ALLY is the official inscription for The People’s Alliance, an organization of Web3 projects that aims to distribute rewards to OG community members. $ALLY can also be staked within the Alliance’s Launchpad for additional rewards when farming a specific launch. Importantly, in an effort to reward individual users and honest behavior, the snapshot for this bonus has already happened. If you don’t hold any $ALLY, you can acquire it in The People’s Alliance’s official Marketplace
    2. Bonuses for $PARTI points (to be used in The People’s Alliance Launchpad). These will reward you for your activity within Particle Pioneer by qualifying you to receive bigger and better rewards on The People’s Launchpad.
    3. Bonuses for holding CAPYBARA NFTs. CAPYBARAs are not only one of the coolest NFT collections out there –they are also a badge of honor for The People’s Alliance’s members. Importantly, in an effort to reward individual users and honest behavior, the snapshot for this bonus has already happened. If you’d like to acquire some CAPYBARAs, you can find them on Uniswap (click here) or OpenSea. Note that CAPYBARAs are a special standard of liquid NFTs, which allows you to swap them as you would with any other token. Learn more here.
IMPORTANT: For you to receive rewards for holding CAPYBARA or $ALLY, these should be held in your Owner Address, NOT your Universal Account or any other wallet. Make sure you’re logged in with the correct method. 

If you qualify for any of the bonuses, simply click on “MINT” and complete the necessary transaction.

Booster page on Particle Pioneer. Once you fulfill the criteria for a given booster, a “MINT” button will appear.


For more experienced users, this guide should give you a straightforward idea of how to participate.

  1. Access Particle Pioneer at https://pioneer.particle.network and create a Universal Account via social, Web3, or Bitcoin wallet.
  2. Obtain an invite code from our official channels. Then, connect your Twitter and Discord accounts and follow Particle Network to finish your registration.
  3. Deposit native tokens (ETH, BNB, BTC, etc.) from Testnets to obtain Universal Gas (USDG) that you can use to send any transaction on multiple chains.
  4. Earn points by inviting friends, performing daily check-ins, depositing Universal Gas, and transacting with your Universal Gas.
  5. Earn additional bonuses by holding exclusive tokens of The People’s Alliance like $ALLY and CAPYBARA NFTs on your Owner Account. Your points can also award you a bonus on The People’s Launchpad.
  6. Stay on the lookout, as additional tasks and bonuses will be added over time!

And so, it begins

This is only the start of the journey for Particle Network’s chain abstraction.

From here onwards, our efforts will be dedicated to spreading the word about this vision for a next-generation Web3 UX, continuing to build Particle Network modular L1, and keep growing our invaluable ecosystem of over 20M users –always aiming to give back to this community through initiatives like The People’s Alliance.

Along this journey, the most important you can do to support us is to use our Testnet –earning some $PARTI points along the way 😉 and help us spread the word about the importance of chain abstraction. Watch out for more news as we continue to interconnect ecosystems and accelerate our development. Happy testing!

Particle Network's Modular Smart Wallet-as-a-Service solutions are 100% free for developers and teams. If you have any inquiries about integrating with us, feel free to book a meeting with one of our agents!

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