Capybara Crew Is Now Live On The People's Launchpad! Here's how to mint your ERC-404 NFTs.

Capybara Crew Is Now Live On The People's Launchpad! Here's how to mint your ERC-404 NFTs.

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$ALLY community,

We are going live with our second-ever Launchpad activation!

This time around, we’re delivering our exclusive Capybara Crew collection, with new dynamics destined to benefit our nascent ecosystem’s OGs, also tapping into the new paradigm of NFTs: the ERC-404 standard.

As usual, here’s how you can make the most out of your participation.

Meet the Capybara Crew

Who doesn’t love capybaras? 

They have short legs, blunt snouts, great swimming abilities, and are as shy as they come… or so we thought. Truth be told, this bunch turned out quite eccentric, and you’ll be able to catch them in all kinds of shenanigans. Going 6000 strong, the crew isn’t small either. 

You can see some of the crew members below:

Just some gang members.

Ensuring a fair mint

Starting on February 23rd, 12 PM UTC, you can participate in the Capybara Crew mint on our Launchpad.

Based on the feedback received from our two previous campaigns (our Launchpad campaign for Merlin Chain and the $ALLY Inscription), we have devised a few strategies for making this mint as fair as possible. There will be a total supply of 6,000 Capybaras on the Ethereum Network with an initial FDV of $1,000 and launching FDV of $100,000, to be allocated among users as follows:

  • 1,000 will be claimable by the top 1,000 $ALLY holders, based on a Snapshot at the end of the event. You can acquire $ALLY in The People’s Marketplace.
  • 4,000 will be claimable by the 4,000 highest positions in the Power ranking.
  • 700 will be raffled among participants who staked at least 200,000 $ALLY within the campaign period.

The remaining 5% or more (counting unclaimed NFTs) will be kept by The People Alliance’s team for further incentives and initial liquidity.

Note that each user will only be able to claim one NFT. If you are, for example, one of the top 1,000 $ALLY holders, you’ll be automatically eligible for minting, and won’t be considered in the Power ranking or raffle.

How to participate

If you are new to the launchpad, you’ll have to log in and conduct a few tasks, including creating a Particle Wallet through your social logins. If you are an existing user, just log into your existing wallet.

If you are new to The People’s Launchpad, we also advise you to read “How to Participate (step-by-step) and “Staking $ALLY” in this article, as well as our article on purchasing $ALLY.

You’ll need an invite link or to enter an invite code. If you don’t have an invite code, you can search through X (search for $ALLY!) or our Discord. We advise you not to click links, as there might be phishing scams.

In this opportunity to earn Power, the following dynamics will be available for users:

  • The Power-accrual stage will last for three days.
  • RT our NFT collection’s launch.
  • Verify you’re an $ALLY OG (earn Power based on your minted $ALLY).
  • Users can earn points by referring others. 
  • Stake $ALLY to earn points based on the amount and length of your stake, and earn additional points per user invited.

We have also introduced a new dynamic to boost your power by conducting daily check-ins on the opBNB chain (requires $BNB on opBNB). By checking in daily, you’ll earn the right to multiply your Power across all campaigns!

You can find the Booster option on the app’s top right corner.

After the campaign is over, users will have two days to claim. There will also be an extra day, where a special dynamic will take place, allowing users who didn’t get a chance to mint to get an extra opportunity.

Full timeline

To summarize the timeline:

  • February 23rd, 12 PM UTC – Campaign starts.
  • February 26th, 12 PM UTC – Users who earned a Capybara can mint.
  • February 28th, 12 PM UTC – Users who were not selected in the first round will get an extra opportunity to earn a Capybara.

Minting will take place on the same Launchpad page at the above date. As always, if you have any questions, contact us on our Discord server!

Happy minting, crew!

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