The People’s Inscription Marketplace is Live! Here’s how to buy $ALLY & more.

The People’s Inscription Marketplace is Live! Here’s how to buy $ALLY & more.

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We promised, and now, we deliver.

After our Inscription Campaign’s massive success, becoming the #1 widest distributed and largest Inscription community ever, 120 thousand of you are now proud $ALLY holders. 

We also left you with a clear promise: To release the first-ever Inscription Marketplace on Linea, enabling $ALLY trading. 

Today, we’re proud to announce that our Marketplace is going live on the platform this January 18th, 2024, at 10 AM UTC. 

Below, we’ll go into the details of this release, $ALLY itself, and a surprise, upcoming feature. Read ahead!

Important information about $ALLY

Before diving into the dynamics of our new releases, the most important points to know about $ALLY are:

  • $ALLY was initially minted on the Linea Network, and our marketplace will also be hosted on Linea.
  • The fully diluted value (FDV) of these Inscriptions (calculated proportionally to the gas consumed by minters during the Inscription Campaign) is of $3M.
  • There are 21,000,000,000 (21B) Inscriptions. Since these were minted 1,000 at a time, this makes for 21,000,000 (21M) Mints.

$ALLY is an ORC-20 Inscription, which makes it a first-of-its-kind within the brand-new Omnichain standard debuted by The People’s Alliance in collaboration with Particle Network. As you may be guessing by reading this, this means the token will be accessible beyond the Linea network, opening the gate to all kinds of new dynamics. More information on this will be revealed soon.

The Marketplace

The landing page of our Inscription Marketplace.

As mentioned, our Marketplace will go live on January 18th, 2024, at 10 AM UTC. The first and initially the only collection listed will be $ALLY, but other Inscriptions will eventually be welcome to submit themselves permissionlessly.

Starting from our launch, $ALLY buyers and sellers will be able to interact through the application, which will dynamically calculate the collection’s floor value based on supply and demand.

Listing and buying is very easy, regardless of whether you already have $ALLY Inscriptions and want to list them or want to purchase them for the first time. Here’s a quick guide on how to do this:

How to buy $ALLY Inscriptions

  1. Connect your wallet to our Marketplace. If you don’t have a wallet, or simply want to use one of Particle Network’s embedded wallets, you can log in through a Web2 account (X, Facebook, Google, Apple) and one will be created for you.
  2. Make sure you have Linea ETH in your wallet to cover gas fees. If you need to bridge some ETH from another network to deposit it into your Linea wallet, two relatively inexpensive bridging tools you can use for this are Orbiter Finance and Meson.
  3. Go to the $ALLY page within the Marketplace to see the available lists.
  4. Select an available listing and click “Buy”.

Important: If, upon signing the transaction, your wallet warns about a gas estimation error or suggests a large amount of ETH for gas, it means that the $ALLY you're attempting to buy has already been purchased; you'll need to cancel the transaction.

The $ALLY page within our Marketplace.

Listing $ALLY Inscriptions

If you participated in the $ALLY mint, you’re already familiar with the Particle Wallet and other dynamics. Here’s how you can list your Inscriptions.

  1. Log in to the Particle Wallet you used to mint your Inscriptions OR connect the wallet holding them if you transferred them outside of your Particle Wallet. 
  2. Make sure you have Linea ETH on the wallet holding your Inscriptions. If not, deposit some.
  3. Click on “List” within the $ALLY Marketplace.
  4. Define the amount of $ALLY you want to send, the expiry date, and the price for your Inscriptions. The platform will let you know what the current Floor Price is, which can be helpful in setting your price. Click “List.

But that’s not all –more features incoming!

As you know, The People’s Alliance's main goal is to reward your loyalty towards the different Alliance Members, bringing together dozens of reputable names from across the industry to do so.

Having delivered the first-ever Linea Inscription Marketplace in record time, we are now getting ready to continue serving The People’s Alliance’s community, with new features incoming. Some of these, we’ll say, involve other Alliance Members closely.

You certainly want to be a part of what’s next. Keep your $ALLY closeby, and stay tuned for more news on further releases!

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