Revolutionising On-Chain Gaming: Powering P12's Vision

Revolutionising On-Chain Gaming: Powering P12's Vision

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P12 is building the first and only GUI Onchain Engine for onchain games and autonomous worlds. P12 Editor integrates with onchain frameworks like MUD and Dojo, and simplifies gaming development primitives using prefabs and templates. P12 Editor empowers developers to achieve composable games creation, seamless assets deployment and permissionless open economies.

In our quest to push the boundaries of the digital realm, we found synergy with P12. Their innovative approach to onchain games & autonomous worlds and our state-of-the-art wallet solutions are converging to reshape the gaming landscape.

Industry & Use Case:

  • Industry: Fully onchain games & autonomous worlds
  • Use Case: Onchain GUI Engine composable game creations, seamless assets deployment and permissionless open economies
  • Chains: Linea

Experience firsthand how our integration with P12 is crafting a new chapter in on-chain gaming.

Key Considerations We Aimed to Address:

Every great endeavor has its set of challenges, and together with P12, we targeted the following:

- Effortless Gamer Onboarding: Quick access is crucial in today's gaming landscape. Our Web2 Social Login, transitioning seamlessly to a Web3 Wallet, ensures that players can effortlessly access P12's gaming universe.

- Empowering Game Developers: At the heart of every game is a creator's vision. With our tools integrated into P12's editor, developers can breathe life into their ideas. Once their masterpiece is ready, a simple confirmation on our authentication system enables them to share it with the world, and potentially reap rewards.

- Upholding Gaming Security: Trust is paramount. Our MPC-TSS Wallet SDK gives gamers and developers confidence in the safety of their assets and projects.

- Empowering Gamers as Decision Makers: With our Particle wallet, gamers aren't just passive participants; they're part of the game's evolution. They can choose their favorite creations, become voters, and initiate voting access. This empowers them to actively select and support standout works within the P12 ecosystem.

“Onchain games, as applications that fully embrace the foundational paradigms and values of blockchain technology, represent the most compelling embodiment of crypto gaming's potential and serve as a indicator for pioneering decentralized application design in the upcoming years. However, developing onchain games poses immense challenges for developers—demanding a diverse skillset and attention to intricate details. Currently, there are only around 40 playable onchain games worldwide. Together with Particle Network, a seamless user experience on onchain game will be cultivated, flow with the evolution of current landscape, and eventually achieves the perfect harmony." - Issac, P12 Team

Why Our Solutions Were Right for P12:

- Enhanced User Experience: We've designed our tools with the end-user in mind. From onboarding to voting, every interaction is smooth.

- Robust Security: In a space where assets can be virtual, the security we provide is very real. Every game, vote, and transaction remains secure and trustworthy under our MPC-TSS solution.

- Efficient Integration: P12 could quickly weave in our offerings, thanks to our clear documentation and robust SDK, elevating their platform to new heights.

The Outcomes? An On-Chain Gaming Renaissance.

In our collaboration with P12, we've observed a marked increase in creativity and participation in the on-chain gaming domain. The data suggests a growing interest, indicative of a nascent trend. To understand this evolving landscape better, explore further here:


Together with P12, we're pioneering a transformative gaming landscape where players and creators wield significant influence. Our tools and their platform are making on-chain gaming not just a novelty but a norm. Join us in leading this gaming revolution.

Particle Network's Modular Smart Wallet-as-a-Service solutions are 100% free for developers and teams. If you have any inquiries about integrating with us, feel free to book a meeting with one of our agents!

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