Chain Abstraction Coalition: Our First Co-Testnet Is Now Live on Particle Pioneer!

Chain Abstraction Coalition: Our First Co-Testnet Is Now Live on Particle Pioneer!

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It’s time for action.

Last week, we announced the Chain Abstraction Coalition: a groundbreaking collaboration of Web3's leading ecosystems, united in the mission of tackling our ecosystem’s fragmentation. 

This coalition brings together prominent networks like Arbitrum, Berachain, Avalanche, BNB Chain, Linea, and Botanix, all committed to creating a unified Web3 experience that transcends the boundaries of individual blockchains. And, as we announced, a key initiative for this Coalition is the introduction of Co-Testnets: special environments showcasing the power of chain abstraction through the integration of Particle Network's Universal Accounts across multiple networks.

Today, we're thrilled to announce our first Co-Testnet wave, featuring two EVM-Cosmos chains: Berachain and Sei. This article will explain how this Co-Testnet works and how, regardless of whether you are a user of these chains or not, you can earn benefits and rewards by diving head-first into Berachain, Sei, Universal Accounts, chain abstraction, and enjoy a borderless Web3 experience.


Say hi to Web3’s new paradigm.

Introducing Berachain and Sei

Before introducing our first Co-Testnet and what you can do with it, let us quickly go over the two next-gen EVM-Cosmos blockchains participating in it.

Berachain is an innovative blockchain platform combining a familiar Ethereum environment with a unique consensus mechanism called Proof-of-Liquidity (PoL). Berachain is fully compatible with existing Ethereum tools and updates, while introducing an incentive system that rewards participants for contributing to the network's liquidity, stability, and growth. This aims to create an aligned, sustainable ecosystem, supported by dApps leveraging PoL.

Sei is pushing the boundaries of performance and accessibility in the crypto space. It aims to become the first fully parallelized EVM, combining the proven advantages of its existing architecture with EVM compatibility. This will allow Sei to offer the best of both Solana and Ethereum, with a hyper-optimized execution layer. With a projected throughput of 28,300 batched transactions per second, and fast finality, Sei is positioned to be one of the fastest chains in the ecosystem.

Sei and Berachain debut as our first Co-Testnets on Particle Pioneer!

By joining the Chain Abstraction Coalition and running a Co-Testnet with us, Berachain and Sei users, as well as users from any other chains, will be able to leverage chain abstraction to freely move across ecosystems, creating a truly borderless Web3 experience. Because of their combination of EVM compatibility, Cosmos-based architecture, and IBC support, both networks are in the perfect position to showcase the power of chain abstraction, offering users and developers a unified experience across next-generation platforms, while retaining their unique strengths and features.

How does the Co-Testnet work?

Particle Pioneer

This and our upcoming Co-Testnets will be hosted within the Particle Pioneer platform.

Particle Pioneer is our Testnet platform, where users can explore the future of Web3 interoperability through chain abstraction. Within it, we’re constantly rolling new chain abstraction features, which so far include Universal Accounts, Universal Gas, and Universal Liquidity. Through these, you can interact with all chains as if they were one, retaining a single balance and address across them.

If you’re interested in learning more about the groundbreaking chain abstraction technology within our Testnet, we invite you to visit our article on Universal Accounts!

Using Particle Pioneer also allows users to earn $PARTI points, unlocking benefits and rewards across the Particle ecosystem and The People’s Launchpad community campaigns. 

Interacting with the Co-Testnet

To showcase the power of chain abstraction to Berachain and Sei users, this Co-Testnet rewards you for sending each cross-chain transaction with Berachain Artio or Sei Testnet as a destination. Each of these transactions will give you 50 extra points on top of the existing 100 points reward for performing cross-chain transactions. 

To send cross-chain transactions:

  1. Go to
  2. Go through a basic registration process and connect a wallet or social account to create a Universal Account. From now on, your connected wallet or social account will be your login into your Universal Account. Importantly, new users who connect wallets from select providers may be eligible for the Bonus Wallet (up to 150%) if they fulfill all the prerequisites. You can visualize and interact with your Universal Account by clicking the Particle logo in the bottom right corner.
  3. Click on “Points” to land at the Points Dashboard. Within it, you can find the task dedicated to our Co-Testnet, and click “Open Wallet” to access your Universal Account.
  4. Your Universal Account will also be accessible through the bottom right corner button. It will display all your Testnet tokens within a single interface, as shown below.
Universal Accounts unify your token balances from across all chains.
  1. Within your Universal Account, you will have a single address for every EVM-compatible chain within your Universal Account. As such, you can send Testnet assets from any public Faucet (we’ve included links to them in the interface in case you need them!) 
  2. Click on the “Send” button to initiate a cross-chain transaction. Importantly, to receive the Co-Testnet bonus, you will need to send USDG. If you don't yet have USG, Particle's "Universal Gas" token, you can obtain it by depositing any Testnet asset.
  3. Select the asset you wish to send by clicking on the menu at the top. You can select the destination chain (use Berachain Artio or Sei Testnet for our Co-Testnet bonus!) as well.
  4. Enter the address you want to sent to in the “To” field. Insert the amount that will be sent in the “Amount” field.
  5. Click next and inspect the details of the transaction. If you’re satisfied, click send and confirm it.

Sending cross-chain transactions to Berachain with a Universal Account.

  1. That’s it. You just sent a cross-chain transaction!

For extra points within the Co-Testnet, you can also scroll down the Points dashboard and follow Berachain and Sei on Twitter (X), and go to the Particle Pioneer Booster page to mint a commemorative Booster NFT.

There are also Pioneer Testnet tasks you can conduct to earn additional points. If you want to make the most out of your experience, you can learn more about these tasks on our Phase 2 announcement!

This is just the beginning.

This first Co-Testnet by the Chain Abstraction Coalition is just the kickoff of an exciting journey towards a friendlier Web3. In this regard, Berachain and Sei's involvement with this initiative demonstrates the increasing demand for chain abstraction and a more integrated Web3 ecosystem.

With more Co-Testnets ahead, each spotlighting new features and pushing what's possible with chain abstraction, we're getting closer to the borderless Web3 we've all been dreaming of. Together, we're reshaping how everyone interacts with blockchains and, more importantly, opening doors to deeper innovation. 

Say goodbye to the era of fragmentation!

Particle Network's Wallet Abstraction solutions are 100% free for developers and teams. By integrating them, you can set your project in a path to leveraging chain abstraction.

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