Revolutionising Digital Document Signing: Issues EthSign aims to address with Particle Network

Revolutionising Digital Document Signing: Issues EthSign aims to address with Particle Network

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EthSign revolutionizes contract management for organizations. Expanding beyond EVM-compatible blockchains, EthSign Next encompasses users across various blockchain systems, allowing anyone with a cryptographic keypair to sign, encrypt, and validate documents securely and permanently.

Industry & Use Case

  • Industry: Legal Blockchain App
  • Use Case: Authentication and contract signing using Web2 identities
  • Chains: Supports all blockchains and is essentially compatible with any private key.

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Issues EthSign Aimed to Address

In its pursuit to elevate the Legal Blockchain App landscape, the platform navigated through various learning opportunities, driving innovation and refinement at each step.

- Accessibility to Non-Web3 native users: Broadening the app’s accessibility was a core challenge, especially for users unfamiliar with web3 interfaces and technologies. Particle Network’s social login solutions enhanced it user experience, making it simple for both Web2 and Web3 users to login and create a Web3 wallet seamlessly.

- Seamless user interface: The user experience of Web3 products can be complex, posing challenges for users seeking straightforward interactions. Particle’s solution helped EthSign abstract away many of these complexities, offering a more intuitive, user-friendly experience.

- Partnership Ecosystem: Recognizing the significance of integration within a broader ecosystem, they aimed to optimize its outreach and impact. Particle Network’s extensive partnerships and ecosystem further enhanced EthSign’s ecosystem, amplifying its product offerings to many in the Particle’s ecosystem.

“Combining the convenience of social logins with the safety of non-custodial MPC wallets and an incredibly fluid user experience, Particle Network’s web-based wallet is just what we need in EthSign Next.” — Jack Xu, Co-Founder & CTO.

Solution — Why Did the Client Choose Particle?

EthSign opted for Particle for authentication & wallet solutions due to three compelling reasons:

- Large Variety of Social Login Options: User onboarding in the blockchain space can sometimes be complex due to specific login methods. With Particle’s Auth solution, EthSign offers seamless integration with Google and Twitter logins, simplifying the onboarding process and enhancing accessibility.

- Enhanced Security Measures: Prioritizing User Trust through Security: In the rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain, with its ever-increasing user base, maintaining robust security protocols is crucial. For EthSign, which is centered around handling sensitive contract management, ensuring the utmost security is not just about user trust; it’s about the core functionality of the platform. Particle’s solution equips every new member with automatic MPC-TSS wallets right from the start. This enhances safety standards and bolsters user confidence and trust.

- Ease of Implementation: Developers often grapple with integrating complex blockchain functions due to unclear documentation and less user-friendly tools. Particle Network offers clear developer documentation and a highly intuitive SDK, simplifying EthSign’s development process and enabling full wallet functionality in any dApp within 30 minutes.


EthSign Next has officially launched in collaboration with Particle Network, offering a streamlined onboarding experience and enabling non-web3 natives to tap into web3 benefits. Check it out here:


Through their collaboration, EthSign Next and Particle Network aim to advance the development of Legal Blockchain Applications.

Build Web3 Applications Effortlessly! With Particle Network, developers can harness the immense potential of Web3 application development. Whether it’s plug-and-play Web2 login integration or streamlined wallet creation, Particle Network lays the groundwork for innovative and fluid functionalities, including on/off-ramp and token swaps.

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