Particle Network Proudly Supports BNB Chain’s Zero2Hero Hackathon

Particle Network Proudly Supports BNB Chain’s Zero2Hero Hackathon

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Particle Network is thrilled to announce our sponsorship and support for BNB Chain’s Zero2Hero Hackathon, which runs from April 17th to May 14th. This hackathon is the second phase of BNB Chain’s 6-month online Bootcamp-Hackathon-Incubator program, designed to transform developers with no prior experience into successful project founders. As the official Sponsor and Bounty Prize Provider, Particle Network aims to foster innovation and growth in the Web3 ecosystem by providing a seamless development platform for all participating developers.

The Hackathon

The Zero2Hero Hackathon brings together blockchain professionals and developers from around the world to collaborate on projects and solutions that will help advance the blockchain industry. The hackathon features seven tracks: DeFi, Infra & Scalability, SocialFi, Cross-chain, NFT, Gamify & Metaverse, Greenfield, and Innovation. Participants will compete for cash prizes of $15k for 1st place, $6k for 2nd place, and $4k for 3rd place in each track. The 1st place winner in each track will also be granted a ticket to the incubator program, which offers additional exposure, technical skills, Web3 marketing, tokenomics design, community building, and more.

During the hackathon, it is expected to provide over 20 technical workshops where hackers can learn the latest technologies. Free access to multiple dev resources such as cloud and node services will be available, and the calendar of the tech teams of partners will be open for hackers to book office hours.

Particle Network’s Bounty Program:

To further support the hackathon participants, Particle Network will be providing an additional $5,000 in bounties for developers who integrate our SDK into their projects. The prize distribution is as follows:

💳 Best use of WaaS(Wallet-as-a-Service) related SDKs (including Connect, Auth, Wallet SDK, etc.) to realize in-app social login authentication and wallet functionalities:

  • 🏅 $2,500
  • 🥈 $1,000

💎 Best use of NFT SDK:

  • 🏅 ️$1,000

🏊 Pool Prize:

  • $1,500 (Split between all non-winning, but qualifying teams that submit for a prize)

The judging criteria will lean towards full MVP projects. However, clean and creative implementation of features serving as excellent examples of feature usage is also acceptable. Projects should be functional and available on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet for testing and evaluation.

The judging criteria will lean towards full MVPs projects, although a clean and creative implementation of the feature serving as an excellent example of feature usage is also acceptable. Projects should be functional and available on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) Testnet for testing and evaluation.

We invite developers around the world to join us and bring your innovative ideas to life. Learn more about the BNB Chain Zero2Hero builder series and sign up for the Hackathon today!

Particle Network's Modular Smart Wallet-as-a-Service solutions are 100% free for developers and teams. If you have any inquiries about integrating with us, feel free to book a meeting with one of our agents!

About Particle Network

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Particle Network is building the Intent-Centric Access Layer of Web3. Particle's Modular Smart Wallet-as-a-Service tools allow developers to tap into MPC-TSS and social logins to enable self-custodial, dApp-embedded wallets accessible through users' Web2 accounts. This also allows them to leverage ERC-4337 account abstraction, enabling a seamless experience with maximum flexibility. Similarly, Particle Network has already released the first-ever account abstraction protocol for the Bitcoin ecosystem, BTC Connect. Particle's next evolutionary steps include the introduction of Omnichain Abstraction, a Confidential zkStack, and the Intent Fusion Protocol, elevating users' experience within dApps and paving the way for mass Web3 adoption.

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