InfraCon@ETHSeoul: Exploring the Future of Web3 Infrastructure, Account Abstraction, and Wallets for Mass Adoption

InfraCon@ETHSeoul brought Web3 builders, thought leaders, and Korean projects together to discuss how infrastructure serves as a key to mass adoption.

InfraCon@ETHSeoul: Exploring the Future of Web3 Infrastructure, Account Abstraction, and Wallets for Mass Adoption

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InfraCon@ETHSeoul, held on June 1 in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, was a lively gathering of web3 builders and key discussions around Web3 Infrastructure, Account Abstraction and Wallets as an accelerant for mass adoption of blockchain technology.

The event, organised by Biconomy and Particle Network, brought together more than 200 attendees, including 23 thought leaders from leading projects such as Consensys, Nethermind, 1inch, Chainlink, Circle, Sui, Gelato, NEAR, Marlin Protocol, Wemix, Conflux, iZumi, Klatyn, and Ledger among others.

With more than 250 registrations, the 1-day event was filled with a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, developers, investors and web3 enthusiasts motivated towards a decentralised future.

Jovial networking took place throughout the day, with each keynote speaker taking 20 minutes to present ideas, use cases, and demos that could improve the Web3 onboarding and user experience.

The keynotes were the event’s highlights, with each speaker offering a distinct perspective on the future of blockchain adoption and technology.

  • Samuel Yim, Head of APAC at 1inch — Better User Experience as a Way to attract Mass Users to DeFi.
  • Robbie Lim, GM of Business Development at Near Foundation — “Seamless Migration from web2 to web3”
  • Tomasz Stanczak, Founder at Nethermind & Mate at Flashbots — MEV-Share and Beyond — Flashbots Infra for Wallets.
  • Ahmed Al-Balaghi, Co-founder and CEO of Biconomy — Customised User Journeys In An Account Abstraction World.
  • Colin Kim, VP of Technology at Klatyn Foundation — Towards Ease of Account Management
  • Sean Chung, Business Development at Chainlink — Overcoming blockchain oracle problems to achieve usability and scalability for dApps.
  • Adrien Faguet, Developer Relations at Ledger — Bringing the next Billion Users to Secure, Self-Custody.
  • Vincent Lau, Developer Relations at Particle Network — Unlocking dApp Innovations with Better Infrastructure.
  • David Kim, Senior Smart Contract Engineer at Trust Wallet — The Impact of Wallets on the Future of Web3.
  • Jimmy Yim, Co-founder of iZumi — How Account Abstraction Empowers the next generation of On-Chain Trading.
  • Lucia Chang, Marketing Manager at Circle — Building Wallets in Web2 and Web3 Applications
  • Shabbir Sultan, Head of Marketing at Marlin Protocol — “Serverless backends for DAOs and ZK apps”
  • Derek Lam, Chief Financial Officer at Mask Network — Building the SocialFi Infra: Upcoming Ecosystem and Investment Trends
  • Cris, Global Expansion Lead at Conflux — Scaling Decentralised Economics Across Protocols & Borders

The two panels drew meaningful discussions — from Web3 Infrastructure development to the pain of managing seed phases and and what’s needed for the Web3 Infrastructure companies to grow.

The first panel was focused on “Building the Foundation of Web3: Insights and Experiences from Infra Tooling and Development”, featuring:

  • Laura Shi (Head of Asia Strategy at Consensys)
  • Tomasz Stanczak (Founder of Nethermind)
  • Rahat Chowdhury (Head of Developer Relations at Biconomy)
  • Jaemin Park (DeSpread Director at Gelato)
  • Koh Kim (Head of Growth at Sui Foundation)

The panel discussed key takeaways from building web3 infrastructure, shared their favourite Account Abstraction use cases, and talked about their motivation to contribute to the web3 ecosystem.

The second panel discusses “Opportunities and Growth Strategies in GameFi”, featuring:

  • Tommy Wee (Head of Comms / PR at Biconomy)
  • Allen (Ecosystem Contributor at Combo)
  • Isaac Lee (Smart Intelligence Team Leader at Wemix)
  • Holly Hammer (Business Development at Orbis)

The panel discussed GameFi’s state of growth, NFT opportunities, and challenges with scalability and interoperability. The evolving relationship between traditional gaming companies and web3 games also provided great conversation fodder.

“One of the most-attended events in Seoul due to the high-quality speakers” — Event Attendees

Shabbir Sultan, marketing lead for Marlin Protocol, commented, “It was great to speak at InfraCon@ETHSeoul. Biconomy and Particle have created a great platform for Marlin to reach top projects in the Korean Web 3 community and we’re looking forward to growing our presence with them across the world.

Christian Oertel, global expansion lead for Conflux Network, said, “The turnout was great, we heard it was the most-attended events in Seoul, with a roster of high-quality speakers at InfraCon. We’re aligned with Biconomy and Particle Network in how we want to increase the reach of our networks and communities.”

InfraCon@EThSeoul was a resounding success and a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge sharing. Winning high praise from event attendees, Biconomy and Particle Network will work towards producing more infrastructure events and workshops at major developer conferences around the world.

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