🎧 Debuting dApp Dialogues: Building Strategies from Top Innovators πŸŽ™

🎧 Debuting dApp Dialogues: Building Strategies from Top Innovators πŸŽ™

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Hardcore Web3 builders out there,

Today, we are debuting our podcast, 'dApp Dialogues'!

dApp Dialogues is a discussion hub tackling one question: "How do you create a great Web3 product?". We focus on different innovators' unique approaches to problem-solving, UX, growth, product-market fit, and technical challenges, gaining actionable insights into their minds and everyday work.

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Ep 1: Contracts for Web3 is also live!

Ep 1 is already LIVE!

Our first episode features Claire Ma, Product Lead @EthSign, who discusses the product lessons learned by building EthSign. πŸ“œβœοΈ

EthSign is reshaping digital contracts, aiming to create a Web3-native alternative to services like DocuSign. We discussed the needs of DAOs and Web3 businesses, revenue models for public goods, and challenges unique to building Web3 alternatives to Web2 products, as well as the future of decentralized legal tech. πŸ”

Listen to this first episode:

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Carlos Maximiliano Cano

Carlos Maximiliano Cano

Particle's Content Manager. He's been in Web3 since 2017, collaborating with technical and marketing teams in crowdfunding, research, DeFi, privacy, and zero-knowledge proofs.