We’re Going Live! Here’s How to Participate in The People’s Alliance Inscription

We’re Going Live! Here’s How to Participate in The People’s Alliance Inscription

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It’s almost go-time!

At 2 PM UTC, The People’s Alliance is going live with its Inscription Campaign, the first and largest community-exclusive Inscription system on any blockchain, ever. 

And, while our and the different Alliance Members’ X are overflowing with excitement, we have also received many questions about how to participate and make the most out of this campaign.  

Since The People’s Alliance is destined to reward your loyalty and support towards the Web3 ecosystem, we decided to create this guide covering what you need to get started, how to get set up, referring users to increase your chances of success, how the Inscription Platform works, and what you need to do for additional Minting opportunities. We’ve also included FAQs related to the Linea Network, how we avoid bot participation, how we lower gas fees, and more. 

Let’s start with a TL;DR summary of all the necessary steps to maximize your potential returns.

TL;DR: Simplified step-by-step minting process

For those of you who just want a summarized process, we can boil things down to the following:

  1. Make sure you have an invite code, a Twitter account, a Discord account, and a Web3 Wallet (Metamask, Rainbow, WalletConnect, or Coinbase).
  2. Go to https://ally.build. Pass a basic verification requiring you to follow Particle Network, join our Discord, and enter your Invite code.
  3. Earn additional rewards, including Inscribe Cards, by verifying your wallet. You should connect a wallet where you might hold project tokens or that you use for community campaigns since this will be the one checked by projects to verify your community membership.
  4. Begin Inscribing by paying gas on Linea (you may need to bridge tokens to your Particle Wallet for this) or Spin to earn additional Cards, including Gasless Cards.
  5. Complete community tasks to get additional points, special Spin opportunities, and Cards.
  6. Invite members to your Squad to earn additional points and claim rewards as you progress together.

Now, let’s dive deep into the process, with a detailed breakdown of every step. This guide is also organized by sections, so you can jump directly to those you care about the most.

Getting started: Prerequisites

Before you begin, make sure you have all the following:

  • An Invite Code. You can get one from friends, Alliance Members, or X (search for the hashtag #JoinTheAlliance!) If you’re going through X, just make sure not to click any links from sources you don’t trust. You will only need the code in text format. Preferably, try to use a friend’s code, since this will make you a part of the same Squad, earning both of you additional rewards down the line!
  • A Discord account. Each account can only be used for registration once. 
  • A Twitter account. Each account can only be used for registration once. 
  • A Web3 wallet. You will get additional rewards for connecting a MetaMask, Rainbow, Coinbase, or WalletConnect wallet. You will also need the wallet to complete Community verification tasks. Importantly, we recommend that you connect whichever wallet you use regularly and for community campaigns, as this wallet will be the one used to cross-verify Galxe tasks and/or your holdings.

Now that you have everything you need, let’s get you verified.

Getting started: Passing a basic verification

To begin your Inscription journey:

  1. Make sure you meet all the prerequisites above.
  2. Go to The People’s Alliance’s Inscription platform at https://ally.build. To begin the verification process, click “Inscribe Now” or “Join Now.”
  3. Connect one of your Web2 accounts, which will generate a Particle Wallet. You will use your Particle Wallet to send and mint Inscriptions and can access it anytime through the same Web2 account you used here. Learn how we secure these wallets.
  4. Enter your Invite Code.
  5. You can now see and manage your Particle Wallet anytime by clicking the Particle Network logo on the bottom right corner of the app, as demonstrated below.
Your Particle Wallet is directly embedded in the app. You can access it by clicking the button in the bottom right corner.

6. Connect your Twitter account and follow Particle Network on Twitter. 

7. Connect your Discord account and join the Particle Network server. 

8. Finally, you can connect an existing wallet to receive Initial Rewards. To do this, simply click “Connect Wallet Now”. You will earn immediate rewards in both Points and Inscribe Cards for doing this. This will happen as you verify your participation in Community tasks (see “Page overview: Community” below).

Having a wallet participating in The People’s Alliance’s Inscription Campaign may also eventually qualify you for rewards from other Alliance Members.

9. You’re all set! You’ll be taken to a Welcome page showcasing your name and initial rewards. You can now click “Launch!” to get redirected to the Community page or select any other pages in the top Menu. 

Now, let us give you a quick overview of the different sections within our Inscription platform, and what you can do in each of them.

Page overview: Inscriptions

This page is where luck and effort converge to maximize the fun of this process. Taking up most of the page, you’ll see the Inscription panel, with key information about how the Inscription Campaign is going, how many Inscriptions you hold, and other important information about The People’s Alliance’s Inscription.

The Inscription page is where the fun begins.

On the left, you’ll also see a breakdown of your Inscription Cards. There are two types of Cards:

  1. Regular Inscribe Cards (green): Each Card grants you the right to Mint once, minting 10,000 Inscriptions. You’ll need to pay gas fees on the Linea Network to do this, which we’ll dive into in a bit. On this page, you can also see the “Mint*10” button, which allows you to use 20 regular Inscribe Cards at once. If you wish, you can toggle “Auto-Confirm” to reduce the number of steps necessary to Mint –this means you won’t have to manually confirm your Minting, although gas will still be deducted from your account. To learn more about gas, continue reading this section.
  2. Gasless Inscribe Cards (pink): Each Card grants you the right to Mint once, without paying gas fees on Linea. 

Above your Cards breakdown, you will also see the “Spin” button, which you can use to earn additional cards. We’ll cover how to Inscribe first and then talk about Spinning dynamics.

About our Inscription

Before discussing how to mint them, here are some important details about this Inscription:

Name: The People's Alliance Inscription.

  • Ticker: ALLY.
  • Inscription Standard: ORC-20. This brand-new standard, the Omnichain Inscription Standard, will play a key role (to be revealed soon!) within the Linea chain and across EVM networks.
  • Total available Mints: 21,000,000.
  • Min. number of Inscriptions per Mint: 1,000.
  • Max. number of Inscriptions per Mint: 10,000.
  • Total supply: 21,000,000,000 Inscriptions.

Minting an Inscription

If you verified your Web3 wallet, you can start minting Inscriptions at once, as you will already have Inscribe Cards. To begin Inscribing:

  1. Click “Mint” under any card you have one or more of.
  2. If the card you selected wasn’t Gasless, you will have to pay gas fees on Linea to mint. You can pay for gas fees with ETH initially, with USDC and USDT to be added down the line. For this, you will need to have gas tokens on Linea within your Particle Wallet to pay for gas. If you don’t have any, you must deposit to your Particle Wallet’s Linea account. If you’re unsure how to get Linea assets, check out “Acquiring tokens for gas on Linea” below.
  3. Click on “Mint”. This will prompt you to sign a message to confirm your gas expenditure (if you had “Auto Confirm” toggled and have tokens for gas, the transaction will be confirmed automatically, and hence, the next step will be skipped).
Screen requesting gas payment. Note that eventually paying gas with USDC and USDT will be enabled.
  1. Sign your Particle Wallet’s message to confirm the transaction.
  2. Upon successful minting, a “Mint Successful” message will appear… and that’s it! You’ve minted your first Inscription.

Acquiring tokens for gas on Linea

If you don’t have gas tokens on Linea on your Particle Wallet, you can always acquire them in one of several ways:

  1. Withdraw them into your wallet from a CEX with Linea support, or transfer them to your Particle Wallet from an existing one.
  2. Do a cross-chain swap or bridge tokens using dApps like Orbiter Finance or Meson. Both tools support different assets and bridging from different chains, so pick the one that suits you best. We advise you to bridge from a low-fee chain, as bridging is typically a high-consumption activity.

Spinning to earn additional Cards and points

By selecting “Spin” on the Inscription page, you’ll be taken to a roulette-like game where you can use your points to earn Inscription Cards and points.

By spinning the roulette, you can get additional points and Cards.

There are three types of Spins you can do within this page:

  1. Inscribe Card Spin: The simplest type of Spin. You can trade your points for chances to Spin the roulette. Depending on where it lands, you can earn up to 5 Inscribe Cards or one Gasless Card with a single Spin.
  2. Super Spin: Super Spins can earn you up to 50 thousand points in one Spin. To obtain Super Spins, you’ll need to carry out tasks on the Community page.
  3. Spin. “Regular” Spinning can earn you points, although without the multipliers present in the Super Spin. To get additional Spin chances, you’ll also need to complete tasks on the Community page.

Page overview: Community

The Community page is where the 50 projects forming The People’s Alliance will reward their community members for their support.

The Community page.

Since our 50+ Alliance Members all have different goals and ways to measure them, you will find a variety of tasks (on-chain and social). Generally, though, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Once you have identified a task you qualify or want to qualify for, select “Verify.” This will often take you to a Galxe page. You’ll need to connect the same Web3 wallet you connected to our platform to Galxe for your tasks to get verified across both platforms.
  2. Within Galxe, look for the task you want to qualify for. Then, select “Detail,” which will take you to another page where you can complete the task. In some cases, Galxe may ask you to verify some social accounts, like your Twitter, before being able to do this.
  3. Once you have completed the task successfully, its status will change to show a checkmark.
  4. Similarly, on the project’s page, the “Verify” button will change to “Claim.” By clicking it, you can claim the rewards attached to the card. You can now move on to other tasks or other communities to continue Inscribing.

Remember to also like the communities you support, as doing so will encourage them to continue setting up programs with The People’s Alliance, as well as helping you and your Squad (see below) earn more points.

Our Platform also features two more pages:

Personal, Squad, and Referrals page

Your personal page is where you will see invite links to start assembling your Squad, and Tasks for your Squad.

Personal page with invite links.

You’ll begin assembling a Squad once you invite new members. Note that inviting Members will get you points straight away, as any points they (or any users invited by them) earn will compensate you directly. To invite a member, make sure they use your referral code and complete their verification!

Yes, we’ve built passive income into the game! Even your referrals’ referrals will help you accrue more points.

Finally, by clicking “Tasks,” you can see a list of tasks for you and your Squad to carry out, which will earn you additional points. Once you have successfully carried out one, a “Claim” button will appear.

With so many tasks to carry out, we can assure you there will be no time to get bored during the Campaign’s duration.

There are multiple tasks you and your Squad members can perform together, all helping you accrue additional Minting opportunities, so you don’t want to forget to invite them!

Leaderboard page

Within our Leaderboard page, users are ranked based on their Inscriptions holdings. (Note that the numbers below are from our Platform’s test phase. On Jan 4th, every user will have an equal chance to mint, starting at the same time).

And that’s it!

Now you know everything you need to for when we open up the gates on Jan 4th. Below, you’ll find a simplified version of this guide and our answer to some Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. What if I don’t have assets on Linea?

This is covered above under “Acquiring tokens for gas on Linea.”

  1. Why did you choose the Linea network?

We have already introduced account abstraction on Linea through Particle’s Modular Smart Wallet-as-a-Service stack. Smart Accounts, as we’ll cover in the next questions, are also critical to performing a high-traffic campaign such as this one, allowing us to bundle transactions together and offer users minting at 1/10th the total cost. 

Similarly, Linea has supported us through this process, and, with no major Inscription campaign currently on Linea, this gives us the opportunity to quickly become a leader within an up-and-coming chain and network. As a reminder, Linea is developed and maintained by Consensys, one of the largest Ethereum ecosystem contributors and creators of MetaMask.

  1. How do I withdraw my assets from the platform?

    Withdrawing assets is as simple as clicking on your Particle Wallet on the bottom right corner of the app, hitting "Send", and inputting a Linea wallet address. Since gas estimations might fail, we advice you to leave additional "room" in your withdrawing transaction (0.001 ETH or so), to be used for gas.
  2. Can Linea gas fee spikes result in Inscriptions being too expensive to mint?

All the transactions in this Campaign will go through Particle Network-created Smart Accounts. Thanks to Account Abstraction, we are able to bundle transactions together to avoid high fees due to increased activity, protecting both users and the network. Notoriously, The People’s Alliance Campaign is the first such campaign leveraging AA’s potential. 

  1. How will you avoid bots and “scientists” participating in this campaign?

By requiring several verification steps, as well as interaction with our Platform’s interactive features and community interaction across our platform and Galxe, we minimize the chances of bot farming and shady practices overtaking this campaign. As we’ve reiterated, this is a Campaign by and for The People, and we want only real users participating in it, earning rewards for their loyalty and support.

  1. Why do I need to use a Particle Wallet to Inscribe? Why can’t I just use my existing wallet?

As mentioned above, Particle Network has introduced account abstraction on Linea, which allows us to offer this at low fees to users and prevent spikes by bundling transactions. Particle Wallets and cross-platform verification with Galxe also allow us to add additional layers of verifications on the platform, further preventing bot and scientist activity.

  1. How do you calculate your ecosystem to be worth $10B+?

This figure combines the market capitalization of projects with live tokens and the fundraising rounds of projects without them.

  1. Are the Linea gas fees higher than usual on your application?

Since we use Smart Accounts for Inscriptions, gas fees for individual transactions might be higher than usual. However, we've offset this by adding the ability to mint 20 Inscriptions at a time, taking advantage of transaction bundling powered by Account Abstraction.

Particle Network's Wallet Abstraction solutions are 100% free for developers and teams. By integrating them, you can set your project in a path to leveraging chain abstraction.

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