Particle Network Join Forces With MAP Protocol to Empower Omnichain Connectivity

The partnership aims to provide middleware services to support MAP Protocol’s secure and cost-effective cross-chain infrastructure.

Particle Network Join Forces With MAP Protocol to Empower Omnichain Connectivity

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We are excited to announce an exciting collaboration between Particle Network and MAP Protocol, two prominent players in the blockchain industry. With a shared mission to enhance interoperability and empower developers, Particle Network will provide comprehensive middleware services to support MAP Protocol’s omnichain network infrastructure and its omnichain ecosystem.

MAP Protocol is an omnichain layer for Web3 that offers 100% Nakamoto Style cross-chain communication with zero priviledged roles. Built on Light-client and zk-SNARK technology, MAP Protocol can connect both EVM and non-EVM chains, providing public chains and dApps with the omnichain infrastructure they need to thrive. MAP Protocol has zero priviledged roles during cross-chain verification process, minimum gas fee cost, wide chain coverage, instant confirmation, and developer-ready omnichain SDKs, making it one of the most innovative and cost-effective cross-chain solutions in the market.

The Partnership

The partnership between Particle Network and MAP Protocol aims to address the challenges faced by developers seeking secure and efficient cross-chain communication solutions. By providing middleware services to support MAP Protocol’s omnichain network infrastructure, Particle Network will help create a more accessible and efficient development environment for building and deploying dApps across multiple chains. At the same time, projects built upon MAP Protocol such as Butter Network, will also be integrated into Particle Network’s dApps and reach a larger user base.

By integrating Particle Network’s middleware services with the MAP Protocol, developers can now enjoy a seamless experience when building on their scaling solution. With this collaboration, developers working on MAP Protocol will have access to:

  • Utilize Particle’s streamlined authentication suite for easy user logins, fueled by MPC-TSS and Account Abstraction.
  • Close the gap between Web2 and Web3, facilitating a smoother transition for developers and users alike, with SDKs available on numerous platforms including Web, iOS, Android, Unity, and Unreal.
  • Further boost security and reliability of dApps with Particle Network’s middleware services, covering Node API, IPFS, NFT, data analysis, and beyond.
Full-functioning Wallet SDK for MAPO Mainnet and Testnet, check out the web demo at

Key Benefits of the Partnership

  1. Enhanced Interoperability: With Particle Network’s middleware services, MAP Protocol will be better equipped to provide seamless connectivity between EVM and non-EVM chains, expanding the reach of its omnichain network infrastructure.
  2. Lower Cost Solutions: Particle Network’s support will contribute to MAP Protocol’s ongoing efforts to minimize costs for cross-chain transactions, offering users the most cost-effective solutions available.
  3. Comprehensive Development Tools: Particle Network will provide a suite of tools and services catering to the specific needs of developers working with MAP Protocol, including SDKs for effortless integration and straightforward omnichain application deployment.
  4. Increased Adoption: The partnership between Particle Network and MAP Protocol will empower developers to build omnichain applications or upgrade their existing single-chain applications more efficiently, enabling increased adoption and growth in the blockchain ecosystem. Omnichain projects built within the omnichain ecosystem such as Butter Network can increase its outreach to Particle Network’s exisiting dApps and users by integrating its omnichain services to Particle Network.

About MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol is the omnichain layer for Web3. 100% Nakamoto Style cross-chain communication built on Light-client & ZK technology with zero privileged roles. By connecting both EVM and non-EVM public chains, MAP Protocol empowers dApp developers to thrive in Web3 with a full suite of omnichain SDKs.

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